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What does reliability mean to you?

Those of you that keep a close eye on our blog will know that we’ve been voted a Business Superbrand for 2014. To do this we had to demonstrate our capabilities in a number of key areas. The first was ‘reliability’ and here we explain this in a little more detail.

So, what makes a good merchant? For the majority of you, ‘reliability’ will feature highly in your list of requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re a builder, plumber or even an architect – you need to know your local merchant can get what you need and when you need it.

When we ask ourselves how we demonstrate this kind of reliability, we have to start with our loyal customers. We have over 300,000 valued customers and with over 600 branches nationwide, did you know you are never more than 16 minutes from your local Jewson branch?

The strength of our Jewson brand and our key relationships with supplier’s means we offer an extensive range of over 400,000 products nationwide. But what is it that makes us different?

As well as offering renewable technologies and sustainable solutions, we can also offer specialist products such as; Kitchen and Bathroom showrooms, Landscaping Centres, Roofing Centres and dedicated Tool Hire.

However, we know that reliability isn’t just about providing the right products. It’s also about making sure our customers can rely on our experience and guidance. That’s why our knowledgeable staff are so important. It’s because of them that we can offer you the information and support you need, in all of our branches.

Reliability is just one element of what makes us a Superbrand – watch this space to find out what else makes us super!