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Top six apps to help trades on-site

There are some construction techniques that have changed little since ancient times.

But there are others, where a smartphone comes in really handy…

With that in mind, here are our top apps for construction workers and other trades, to make life that bit easier.


With the iPhone’s latest update, trades throughout the land were given the latest weapon in their arsenal.

You can use it, to… well… measure things. It’s quite weird, actually, you can just point it at an object and it measures it for you.

It might not be quite as accurate or trustworthy as the classic tape measure, but it is quite a lot of fun.

Bonus: you can use it as a spirit level.

Dewalt Mobile Pro

Maths makes our brain hurt, if we’re honest, so it’s good to know there’s an app out there that does sums for us.

This app from our pals, Dewalt, features nine different calculators to help you on the job – as well as handy reference materials.

You can even save your favourite calculations if you’d like to gaze upon them lovingly later.


Customers can sometimes have a hard time envisioning what a certain colour will look like in their room. The P&Ds among us will therefore be very happy to hear that this app lets you see how different colour schemes will look in situ.

Powered Now

If admin isn’t your thing (is it anyone’s thing?) this app makes things so much easier. From preparing an estimate to taking payment, it can help every step of the way. It has a diary feature to make sure you get to your next appointment on time – it’ll even tell you how long it’ll take for you to get there.


Once you know which materials you need, you’ll be glad this app can direct you to your nearest Jewson branch… you can also get the latest information on offers and future deals, so you’re always in the know.


Listen, it may not be big, it may not be clever, but when you need it, boy does that flashlight app deliver.