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Top kitchen tips and trends in 2022

Everyone has their own idea about what makes the perfect kitchen. However, there are a few key trends which will be useful for you to know about so you can bring your customers’ visions to life. 

Playing with colour 

The most obvious one is colour. We’re continuing to see people incorporate bolder colours as they get a bit braver and move away from traditional white walls and units.  

For kitchen units, green, indigo and black are all becoming increasingly popular, particularly as requests for two-tone designs rise. This is where contrasting colours are used for floor and wall units, or even on a statement kitchen island in a feature colour. 

This trend has also boosted demand for pale greys, which complement strong colours and help tie contrasting elements together. 

Bright and bold isn’t for everyone though. Many people who appreciate an understated design are opting for pastel colours for both paint and units, with shades like Dusky Pink, Providence Blue and Atlantic Green all gaining in popularity. 

Handleless designs gaining traction 

Handles are somewhat losing their grip in the kitchen market. While they’re not everyone’s preferred choice, there is definitely an ongoing trend towards kitchen units which ditch handles. 

Once upon a time, cupboard and drawer handles were must-have fittings but this has changed as customers look for sleek lines and a modern feel.  

Kitchens are also taking on a more modern look. Classic styles, like shaker and in-frame no longer dominate the market. Modern slab doors featuring seamless lines now make up 50% of all sales.  

With an array of popular colours and finishes, our Pure Modern range, which includes handles and j-pull options – is proving hugely popular.  

For a more premium finish, explore our By Design range. Offering both true handleless options and a choice of premium, ornate and coloured handles, By Design brings a luxury feel to your kitchen.  

If you want or need handles, By Design offers an extensive selection of in a variety of metals and styles. From brushed brass or copper to cast iron-style matte black to a modern chrome or nickel.  

Compact laminate changing the game  

To make their design a reality, most customers still want to find the best value worktops to complement their units. 

For premium quality at the right price, compact laminate is an excellent option. Also known as solid laminate, it’s designed to look and feel like a stone worktop and is much thinner than conventional laminate 

Incredibly versatile, compact laminate is available in smooth colours and stone finishes.  

Its solid construction allows for slimmer worktops and enables additional finishes such as drainage grooves to be cut directly into the surface. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, these surfaces are also more hygienic options for worktops. 

Installing compact laminate is slightly trickier than conventional laminate – but this handy guide can help you get up to speed.  

Don’t forget taps 

When it comes to taps, there are a lot more options to offer customers than there were five years ago. 

A lot of people are still asking for chrome taps, but we’re seeing an increase in interest around brass, copper and black metal finishes as more customers focus on ensuring consistent style notes throughout their kitchen.  

Sink style 

More customers are also opting for undermount sinks to complement stone or compact laminate worktops which lend themselves to the clean lines and overhangs.  

At the same time, for those who want a farmhouse feel in their kitchen, there are a range of statement sinks to match, like Belfast and Butler models. 

Inset sinks still hold some great benefits though. They’re not only less expensive, but also are also a must for solid wood or conventional laminate worktops, as they protect them from water damage. We also offer slimline inset sinks, which closely replicate the look and feel of undermount while offering protection to your worktops. 

At Jewson, these are available in different materials and styles to suit any design.  

Making the most of space 

Customers will always want to make the most of every part of their kitchen and there’s now a growing trend, led by influential people like Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo, around decluttering in homes. Integrated tray storage, corner unit racks, hidden recycling bin storage, and super-slim pull-out larders, are all helpful solutions you can suggest to address this in kitchens where space is tight or organisation is a focus.  

Giving your customers design freedom 

We know that everyone’s dream kitchen is different which is why we offer a wide variety of styles to suit any budget. 

Whether your customers want a heritage feel, or a glossy minimalist space, our collection of solid wood and high-quality MDF kitchens gives you the flexibility to work within any budget to satisfy your design brief. 

Remember, if you’re working on a kitchen project with your customer, our designers can plan, design and generate a 360-degree panoramic view of the job to help you deliver their vision and exceed their expectations. 

If you have any questions about your kitchen project, head to your local Jewson branch, where our expert team will be happy to help.