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Tool Good To Resist: The Top 5 Upselling No Brainers

Upselling – some people are natural salesman but for others it can be a tricky technique to master. But believe it or not, it’s not all about the gift of the gab. Sometimes, the products can do the talking for you.

There are plenty of upsells out there that can benefit you, and more importantly, your client. Nailing this balance will help make sure you’re offering the best products for the job, whilst potentially benefiting from a little extra hard-earned cash!

We’ve pulled together just a few examples to upsell your work.


Forget double, it’s all about the triple glazing!

Investing in high end insulation should be first on your list of beneficial upsells. Without heavy duty insulation your clients will find themselves wasting money cranking up the thermostats. With a bit of investment in worthwhile insulation, they’ll be toasty all year round.

Sustainable materials

The impact of climate change on the environment and the part we, mankind, have to play in preventing this is ever evolving, so when it comes to construction, the greener we can make it the better.

Not only are laws changing but clients are much more discerning too. While a Grand Designs style eco-home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, using more sustainable materials can be a great starting point and a worthwhile upsell.

Yes, we feel the client’s ‘but’ coming too. Opting for these greener solutions does come with a price tag but if you can explain the benefits of investing in these materials, customers decisions could be changed.

From ethical timber to recycled plastic drainage systems, Jewson has you covered.

Renewable energy

We’re all familiar with DIY decorating, so why not go that one step further with DIY energy? Solar panels are a great addition to any project and can help save your client a few extra pennies in the long run. Even better, as of 2020 homeowners can sell back the electricity produced to energy companies – win win! For further details on how this works, head here.

Underfloor Heating

Yes, another expense upfront, but there are long-term benefits to underfloor heating.

Although tiled flooring looks nice and is easier to keep clean, it does have the downside of getting quite cold, especially in the Winter months. Why not explain the economical upsides to floor heating such as the fact it distributes heat evenly and consistently around each room? Even better, it can also work at a lower temperature, so could reduce your clients heating bills.

Last but not least – Home automation systems

You can’t go wrong with offering a good bit of the latest technology.  Home automation systems are getting more sophisticated by the second, so it’s important you know the latest gadgets and gizmos too. Explain the ease the client will have by installing a system that can control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances – all in one central ‘hub’.

So, there we have it! For any advice on products we’ve mentioned or tips for upselling, just pop in to your local branch where one of the team will be happy to help – https://www.jewson.co.uk/branch-locator/