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Top 5 news stories you need to know about from September

September is typically a month where we all get “back to it”, leaving the antics of summer behind and slipping back into routine.

As it turns out, it’s also a month for clueless teenagers and looking at ways to be more inclusive as an industry.

Here are 5 stories you need to know about from September.

One in 20 teens doesn’t know how to make a brew

Get them as an apprentice on-site, we’re sure they’ll learn from all the seasoned tea drinkers on site.

We want more female construction workers

Three quarters of builders want to see more women in the industry. As construction is one of the most male dominated professions going, it’s good that people are calling for change.

Prince Harry is a LAD

We’ve known for a while that Peter Crouch is one funny guy, but in a recent interview he revealed our very own Prince Harry can certainly dish it out when it comes to the banter. Apparently upon meeting Peter, the first thing the cheeky prince asked was, “How did you bag Abby?”

We need to talk

Or, more specifically, we need to talk about mental health at work. More than half of us experience issues with stress, anxiety or low mood in the workplace, according to Mind. However, there is help available for trades who need it.

The UK’s best lawn revealed

If you’re anything like us, you won’t have been able to rest until you knew the best lawn in the UK had been tracked down. Well, wonder no more. It belongs to Keith Smith and it only took 273 hours to mow…