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Three Questions To Ask Your Customer About Their Fencing

It seems that the ‘staycation’ is going to be the norm for the foreseeable, which means most of us will be spending more time at home this summer. Forget the white beaches and blue seas, we’re all going to need to find joy in a lukewarm paddling pool in the back garden. However, this can mean that your customers start to see the cracks in their landscaping design – quite literally!

For those of you with clients looking to revamp their outdoor spaces, a brand-new fence is a great and potentially cost-effective way to liven up their outdoor area. But with so many styles now available and various factors to consider, where do you start?

So that you can be sure that you’re recommending the right products, we caught up with leading fence manufacturer, Grange Fencing, to look at three important questions you should be asking your clients who are considering freshening up their fencing.

Do they prefer wooden or concrete posts?

Fencing posts are what you’ll build your whole structure around, so they need to be the first step in the decision-making process.

The options are pretty simple, concrete or wood. Both offer support, but have very different looks. Fun fact for you, wooden posts tend to be more popular in the south, whereas the further north you go, you’ll see concrete posts being used a lot more. Who knew!

Whatever your client decides, you’ll also need to get the corresponding gravel board to match. These features are incredibly important in stopping the fence touching the ground, which can cause rot and decay.

What type of panel do they prefer?

Since decorative panels have come into the mix, designs have now gone way beyond the standard Lap panel. However, the right style for your client will often come down to cost.

At the more budget-friendly end of the scale you have the traditional Lap panels containing horizonal slats. Moving up the ladder, feather edge panels may be more preferable for some of your clients, as they are more uniform than Lap panels due to their vertical cut. However, due to the additional work that goes into their construction, they come with a slightly bigger price tag. And finally, at the top end, you have the decorative panels that often include intricate detailing such as latticework or scalloped edging.

However, your customers can have it all. The Superior Lattice Top Lap panel from Grange Fencing offers a decorative style Lap panel – a great alternative for your clients.

Note: make sure you double check your measurements as decorative panels are traditionally 180cm wide whereas the majority of other panels are 183cm wide. Concrete Gravel boards come in a standard size of 183cm wide, so you may need an additional piece when fitting with decorative panels with concrete posts and gravel boards.

What finish do they want?

The finishing touches will really make a difference for your customer’s overall look. From decorative panel posts to post caps, these extra touches can easily elevate the look and make your design bespoke. It can even be as simple as altering the width of the posts for a more dramatic look – go wild!

Don’t forget durability…

It’s worth noting, that above all else, the main consideration when choosing fencing has to be durability. Although you cannot guarantee that the fence will be storm-proof, you can still do your best to recommend a product that has been designed with longevity in mind. Grange Fencing panels offer exactly that.


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