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All I Want for Christmas Is… Screws: The Ultimate Trademas Songs

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaaas (well nearly) and you know what that means a few days off, loads of grub and your fair share of body spray gift sets.

We thought we’d get you all in the festive mood by pulling out our very own Christmas crackers playlist. It features some of our favourite Christmas bangers with a little Jewson twist. Enjoy.

  • ‘Walking in a Timber Wonderland’ – One for the ages from Dean Martin here. If there were two things that man loved, they were leisurely strolls and some well-treated wood.
  • ‘Baby It’s Holey Outside’ – Who could forget this banger, where groundworkers went to town outside Tom Jones’s mansion.
  • ‘Drilling Home for Christmas’ – An instant classic and a timeless masterpiece, written for all you tradies hitting the road for Christmas!
  • ‘Hark! The Gravel Angels Dig’ – Why dig when you can get an angel to do it? They have superhuman strength and an incredible work ethic after all.
  • ‘Sandb-last Christmas’ – Is there a better time of the year to get your customer’s house sandblasted? Absolutely not!
  • ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Engineer’ – Good old Rudolph, he was an engineering legend. He worked the circuits, quite literally, in the Rotherham area and was sung about for his distinctively red nose.
  • ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Pipe of the Year’ – Every once in a while, you take a look at a magnificent copper pipe, shimmering and shining, sat under a sink like a bronze Greek statue. You take a look and you think, ‘Crikey, it’s the pipe of the year’.
  • ‘All I Want for Christmas is Screws’ – We’ve all run out of screws before (well, we haven’t because we have loads) so they’re always worth stocking up on during the festive season.
  • ‘Deck the Halls with Loads of Hardwood’ – This song is a take on the original classic, when a group of joiners got together and discovered a new found love for hardwood. They never looked back.

Did we miss any out and do you think you could do better? If you think of any, tweet us at @Jewson or post them on our wall on Facebook. We hope you have a very merry Christmas. You’ve earnt it!