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The need for bead speed

Whether you’re fixing corner beads, drip beads, stop beads or expansion beads, fitting them correctly and with the right adhesive can make all the difference.

Here are Weber’s top tips for when you feel the need for bead speed.

Use the right stuff

Don’t even think about nailing beads to a substrate or using drywall adhesive. Using nails can cause corrosion that stains through to the render surface, while drywall adhesive can let water into the fixings causing the system to fail.

It’s best to use a product that’s been specifically designed for render applications.

Get it done quickly

The new, rapid-setting weberend bead adhesive fixes render profile beads to masonry substrates and sets within two hours (dependent on temperature).

It comes in 20kg bags and all you need to add is clean water. One bag can cover 45 linear metres when hand applied with dots 300mm apart at a minimum.

Want to cast your beady eye over more information about bead adhesives? Weber is here to tell you more.

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