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The most unbelievable (Jeff) Chris Kamara moments..

The one and only Chris Kamara will be hosting this year’s Jewson Live.

If we’re lucky, he’ll make one of his absolutely infamous gaffes while he’s at it…

To get you excited, we’ve put together our list of the most unbelievable (Jeff!) Kammy moments.

Super Kam

In Brazil, a street robber got more than he bargained for when he was chased down and apprehended by a lightning-fast Kammy. The robber was then brought to justice, with Chris’s statement simply saying “Well I ran after him and caught him!” We reckon Chris should start wearing his underwear outside his pants for that one. Hero.

Speechless, Jeff!

When Bournemouth scored 8 minutes into extra time to equalise against Everton 3-3, you might have thought it was the perfect opportunity to say “Unbelievable Jeff!” But, for the first time perhaps in his career, words failed Chris Kamara, leaving him looking down the camera silently. Even Jeff ended up pulling him up on such a golden missed opportunity: “The first time he could’ve said ‘Unbelievable Jeff’ and he didn’t!”

Chris Vardy

Reporting on Leicester City’s home clash with West Ham United, viewers were pleasantly surprised to find Kammy reporting on the game wearing a Jamie Vardy mask.

As you do.

The full Kammy

At Loftus Road in 2012, Chris Kamara was feeling a bit chilly. So what better way to warm up than to change his clothes every time he was due to give an update?

The beloved pundit appeared in various hats, given to him by fans in the crowd, and in several stages of undress. He got down to his shirt, and was actually unbuttoning it, before being politely asked to stop by his producer.

That sending off at Portsmouth

How can we forget this one? It’s what made Kammy go, for want of a better word, ‘viral’.

Anthony Vanden Borre had been given his marching orders but Chris Kamara seemed none the wiser. “I don’t know, Jeff – has he?!” was the extent of the punditry he could offer at that moment.

There’s actually more to this story than meets the eye, we’re sure Chris will tell you all about it at Jewson Live…

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