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The news stories you need to know about from January 2019

2019. It’s wasting no time, is it?  

It’s only been a month, but we’ve had enough drama to shake a stick (or sausage roll) at.  

Here are some you need to know about:  

Vegan sausage rolls

If you’re the only vegan trade on-site, the only thing worse than all those jokes you haven’t heard 1,000 times before is being left out of the Greggs run.  

Well, those days are over, as Greggs started the year with vegan sausage rolls. It definitely rubbed some folk up the wrong way (rhymes with “Ears Morgan”) but don’t worry. They still have the actual sausagey sausage rolls too.  

People got older

Yes, in a shock development, it seems that over the past ten years, all of the people you know have aged.  

That’s what we found out with the recent #10YearChallenge, which prompted everyone to dig out photos of themselves, well, a decade ago, and compare it with a current one.  

We’re not really sure why that’s so interesting, either…

Female trades matter. Period

The construction union, Unite, is campaigning to ensure that female trades have period dignity on-site. At the moment, facilities aren’t always up to scratch, with no sanitary bins or dispensers.  

We’ve known for a long time that on-site loos leave something to be desired so we hope this brings about the change needed.  

Down in Africa…

In one of the most important developments of the year so far, the absolute banger Africa, by Toto, is set to play forever in the deserts of Namibia. It’s powered by solar, so it’s literally never going to stop. It’s art, apparently…