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The Bathroom Tech Keeping Homes Clean

Understandably, your customers will be concerned about having clean, ultra-hygienic homes at the moment, and they will be for some time. But it’s not just about giving everything a good scrub, there are some smart products out there that you can recommend to your customers to help – especially when it comes to bathroom projects. We caught up with experts, Roper Rhodes, to find out more.

According to research conducted by Cleaner Home, there are 34,000 units of bacteria on an average toilet! That’s why modern ones are specifically designed to combat bacteria in lots of clever ways. They might not look much different than they did 20 years ago, but technology inside and around loos has come a long way. Modern toilets are now much easier to clean, more hygienic, and even more economical for homeowners.

Contactless flushing

Contactless flushes might be something people are more used to seeing in restaurants or public toilets but they’re a great option for the home too. And the good news is there are some affordable options out there for you to recommend on bathroom renovation jobs.

The sensor flush button by Roper Rhodes, is a budget-friendly, touchless product. You’ll also be glad to know that this product is incredibly easy to install! It doesn’t require mains electricity, so you won’t need to work with, or hide, any cables. In fact, the sensor runs on four AA batteries which will last well over a year – if you get the good ones. When they need replacing, your customer can easily do it on their own, so you won’t be called back to the job.

Of course, it’s not just about cost and installation – contactless flushing is a simple and effective way to keep the bathroom as hygienic as possible. Standard flush buttons or handles are touched after every single use (ideally), making them the perfect place for germs to thrive. So, by going contactless, your customers will have a much cleaner and safer bathroom space.

What makes the Roper Rhodes sensor even better for your project is that it comes with dual flushing so there’s still the option of doing a full or half flush. This is a great water-saving feature to recommend which will absolutely appeal to your customers who want to watch the pennies or do their bit for the environment – or both.

Rimless toilets

Rimless toilets are another great addition to recommend on your next project. Standard models with ceramic rims mean there are hidden, hard to reach areas which make it easy for bacteria to thrive. By opting for a rimless model, they will have a much more hygienic toilet, which requires less cleaning and maintenance. When these products are flushed, the water is also able to circulate around the whole bowl, reaching every area, unlike traditional ones, where quite a bit of space is often missed.

Although rimless toilets have a more powerful flush than standard models, it’s important that your customers know they won’t end up paying higher bills, as these products simply clean more of the bowl, while still using the same volume of water.

We have a number of Roper Rhodes rimless toilets available through Jewson which are great solutions for those homeowners looking to boost cleanliness in their bathrooms. They’re also compatible with the Roper Rhodes sensor flush.

Next time you’re working on a bathroom job, why not suggest these solutions to your customers? To find out more, visit the Jewson or Roper Rhodes websites.