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Some concrete advice

Whether you’re bricklaying, repairing a driveway, putting down a patio or building a BBQ, the concrete you use and how you use it can make all the difference.

We’re here with Tarmac Cement to give you some ‘concrete’ advice on getting things right.

Prep, prep, prep!

Getting things right in the prep stage can eliminate a headache later on. Depending on the job it’s a good idea to clear any dust and debris from the area you’re working on and dampen the surface.

Clear as mud

Clear, clean tap water is your best friend when it comes to that perfect mix. Impurities, organic materials, salt and other debris can impact the finished product – and nobody wants that. As a rule, if you wouldn’t drink it yourself, don’t put it in your mixer.

Choose your weapon

It’s an old adage that a bad tradesperson always blames their tools – so don’t be ‘that guy’. A pointing trowel is perfect for smaller areas (like repairing external render) while your standard cement trowel gives that perfect flat finish on larger areas. For brickwork, get your hands on a mortar gun (but have a couple of practice runs first…)

Go easy on yourself

There are always going to concrete purists out there who insist on mixing from scratch. However, you can save yourself a lot of time by using premixed materials – where you just add water and go.

Rose tinted glasses

We absolutely love the trusty watering can for uniform, reliable dampening of concrete. Pop a rose attachment on and watch the magic happen.

Quality, not quantity

Being known for a quality finish starts with quality beginnings – ie using the right materials for the job. Always look for a reputable quality mark on your materials, for example the Blue Circle on Tarmac Cement’s packs. Once you’ve got your hands on the right product, make sure you’re using it properly using these handy YouTube videos.