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Shedding light on roof windows

Why would you encourage your customers to move when they can improve? In this guest post from VELUX, we explore how you can help your customers realise the VELUX® potential in their extension project. 

We couldn’t agree more with our friend Charlie Luxton, who believes that light is the life blood of good space and a badly extended house will drain that away, casting existing rooms into shadow.

Extensions are, by their very nature, attached to the main house. Building one will often ‘land lock’ some of the existing rooms meaning they no longer have an outside wall and good access to daylight. The main determining factor for the light quality of a space is distance to a window. Extending a house usually increases this distance and therefore is fraught with challenges.

This is where VELUX® roof windows are invaluable if your customers want to maximise the existing space as well as the new extension area. Our roof windows provide up to twice the light levels as a vertical window of the same size. Crucially they can often be placed in the roof of an extension close to what would have been the old walls of the house, therefore, bringing precious light into the existing rooms keeping the distance to the nearest daylight source as short as possible. Always try and put them close to the light-starved space.

The more roof windows installed, and the bigger they are, the more natural daylight they can enjoy regardless of which direction the extension faces.

For pitched roofs, we recommend our maintenance free white polyurethane internal finish, VELUX INTEGRA® range – perfect for out-of-reach situations.

The world’s first curved glass rooflight is the ideal choice for roof pitches between 0 and 15°. The innovative and unique design provides optimal functionality and creates a simple and modern look inside and out.

As seen on TV, search VELUX® Extensions today and let VELUX® help bring twice the daylight deeper into homes all over the UK.