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Self Build Success

Many dream of undertaking their own self-build project, whereas Chris and Elaine Batt have made it a reality! Following an unbelievable 12 years of extensive planning, they are now in the process of building the Happibatt Cottage in Happisburgh, on the East Coast.

Since the project began the couple have been turning to our self-build team for help along the way. Chris Batt said:

“Jewson has been very supportive in every aspect of the build, from regular site visits from Glen Fusco, the Jewson sales executive for Norwich, who advised us on which products would achieve the effect that we wanted, to the day to day assistance we’ve had from the knowledgeable staff at our local Jewson branch. Furthermore, all the Jewson drivers have been prompt, very helpful and have had a smile on their faces. It makes such a huge difference to what is, at the end of the day, a really stressful process.”

Elaine and Chris worked with Norwich branch manager Matt Reeves and his team and have been delighted with all the products supplied. Chris added:

“Happibatt Cottage has been built by Jewson products or products recommended by Jewson and so far – it’s looking great.”

If you’re thinking about undertaking a self build project or simply want to find out more about our self build service then visit www.jewson.co.uk/selfbuild