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Seal The Deal With PipeSnug

You may be a dab hand when it comes to Part L regulations, or they might be a source of confusion. Either way, one of the areas that’s seen a fair bit of change is regs around the airtightness of properties. This is because the government wants properties to be as airtight as possible, keeping heat loss down to a minimum, making them more energy efficient.

One of the ways heat is lost from the home is through the pointing or seals around pipes that exit through an external wall. Traditionally, you’d normally ‘make good’ around these pipes using mortar or a sealant, but this can result in a messy finish, lead to cracks and isn’t the most durable option. These traditional methods wouldn’t meet the new Part L requirements, which means your work could be at risk of not passing the relevant Building Regulations. So, it’s time to think about another method.

Introducing: PipeSnug. This handy piece of kit is the only solution on the market that currently meets Part L requirements and luckily, you can get your hands on the PipeSnug pipe collar at your local Jewson branch.

So, we’re going to take a closer look to find out more about its benefits and the installation process.

What is PipeSnug?

The idea of PipeSnug came from savvy builder and bricklayer, Chris Burdett, who after over 25 years of working in the construction industry, found that there was a real need for a product that could quickly seal a pipe – compared to the time-consuming pointing method.

So, he came up with the concept of PipeSnug, a plastic seal that saves both time and money, as it’s cheaper than mortar, silicone or expanding foam.

Is it easy to install?

Yes! It can be installed in three easy steps:
1. Make a core-drilled hole to the correct PipeSnug size
2. Insert the PipeSnug collar (this can be done by hand)
3. Install the pipe as normal

And that’s it! You’ve effectively sealed the pipe with no fuss – in less than five seconds!

What are the benefits?

So, we know that PipeSnug is Part L compliant, and is quick and easy to install. But what other benefits come with this product?

Firstly, PipeSnug comes in a range of sizes to suit standard waste and soil pipe fittings. This means you can use the product on a wide variety of pipes and can be fitted both internally and externally. The 32mm and 40mm collars are a great fit for solvent weld waste pipe fittings or boiler condensate pipes and fit a 52mm core-drilled hole, whilst the 110mm ones are ideal for push-fit and solvent weld soil pipe fittings and fit a 152mm core-drilled hole. Lastly, their FlueSnug version works with 100mm boiler flues. So there really is a size for any project!

It may only take five seconds to install, but this product is built to last. PipeSnug is a long-lasting solution to sealing pipes. Forget having to return to old jobs just to make good around the pipes.
Another added benefit of the 110mm PipeSnug and the FlueSnug is that they can be installed at height, without the need for ladders or scaffolding. That’s because the products are flexible enough to be pushed through the hole meant for the pipework, saving even more time and fuss.

With minimalistic designs as popular as ever with homeowners, you’ll find that customers really care about the smaller details. By opting for PipeSnug, you’ll have a professional finish around the pipework that will be sure to keep your customer happy.


With so many benefits, it’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t choose PipeSnug for your next project. To find out more, or to make an order, get in touch with your local Jewson branch.