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The Right Way To Get Plastered

Plasterboard, it’s the bread and butter of most projects. We use it regularly, but are we really using the best products for the job-in-hand?

Simply because your customers won’t see the plasterboard doesn’t mean that opting for a standard product every time is the right thing to do. There are plenty of readily available ‘value added’ options that can offer a lot of benefits for your clients.

We’ve been speaking to Peter Ces Agraso, our plasterboard expert, about how the Gyproc range has all the options for any job – no matter how complex!



For the projects that need additional fire safety precautions, opting for plasterboard such as Gyproc FireLine can provide that much-needed added protection. This range from British Gypsum contains glass fibre and additional additives, so when used as part of a full system it can contribute to a building’s fire protection. When used as part of a system*, it can also help you meet Building Regulations, meaning added protection for areas with more stringent fire performance requirements such as corridors, garages and steel encasements.



A common misconception is that plasterboard is a one-size-fits-all product. Different rooms around the house need different products in order to deliver a long-lasting solution. Rooms that produce a lot of moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, fall into this category.

When you come across these projects, investing in a plasterboard with water-resistant properties should be top of your list. These products can keep damp and mould at bay and help to prevent any long-term moisture issues for your client. For example, the Gyproc Moisture Resistant range has been designed with water-repellent additives in the core and special paper liners so it is suitable as a base in higher moisture areas.



For properties close to busy roads or areas, or if your customer is looking to create a nice new music room, then sound can become a big bugbear. Choosing the right plasterboard with the correct, specialised insulation can help put an end to these issues.

Being able to block out unwanted sounds with just plasterboards, such as the Gyproc SoundBloc, can offer a more pleasant living environment for your clients.



Just as, if not even more important as blocking out sound, is keeping your projects properly insulated.

It’s the duty of any tradesperson to protect their job from the cold weather once the winter months hit. Opting for an insulating plasterboard is an easy way to provide the much-needed insulation a client or a building requires.

Designed to trap in the hot air with integral vapour control layers, the Gyproc ThermaLine PIR range can prevent heat loss in both new-build and refurbished spaces – a clear choice for any project.

Still unsure on the Plasterboard you should opt for? Drop into your local Jewson branch or head to the plasterboard page on our website.

*Using Gyproc plasterboards along with all British Gypsum components to build your system means that it is covered by the British Gypsum SpecSure® warranty, providing peace of mind for the life of the building.