Hammerlin Crusader Wheelbarrow
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Reviewed: Haemmerlin Crusader Wheelbarrow

The humble wheelbarrow is the stalwart of any site, there for you through thick and thin, come rain or shine. We know that your trusty wheelbarrow works hard on every job, so it’s worth making sure yours is reliable and will stand the test of time.

The team at Haemmerlin have just released their latest product, The Crusader, billed as ‘The Ultimate Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow’. This orange wheelbarrow certainly looks the part, but what about performance? We asked our friend Sean Fitzgibbon from Prestige Landscaping North West to put it through its paces on his latest project.

 “What a piece of kit! We’ve used it all week barrowing in tonnes and tonnes of hardcore MOT”.

The Crusader has a capacity of a huge 120 litres. The 6mm thick HDPE tray (High Density Polyethylene) is easy to clean, making it perfect for heavy landscaping, mortar and plaster. This is supported by the top of the range Alpha frame which not only goes underneath the tray, but right up its front to make it even stronger.


“While it holds a lot more than other barrows, it still feels lightweight and nimble getting around corners whilst remaining sturdy.”

This is partly down to the wheel, where you can pick from two options – pneumatic or puncture free. The pneumatic wheel offers better balance and control than other products on the market. The metal disc rim helps reduce flats and internal spindles make rotation much easier. The puncture free option offers all these benefits and the added bonus that you’ll never have to worry about maintenance.

The last thing you want when moving around all that material is sore hands. The Crusader has bi-material handle grips, giving you the perfect levels of comfort and support.

“Its solid construction means it can withstand a few knocks along the way.”

Haemmerlin doesn’t call this an extreme heavy duty wheelbarrow for nothing, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to damage your gear. The Crusader features recessed bolts to avoid damaging tools and if something does go wrong the tray comes with a one-year warranty (based on normal use, so no wheelbarrow races!).

Fancy getting your hands on one? The Crusader from Haemmerlin is available at Jewson now.