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Read all about it! 5 news stories you need to know about from August

Does what it says on the tin: these are five pieces of construction news from the last month you might want to know about.

Construction is chic

Yep, you heard. GQ Magazine recently did an article about the rise of construction site chic. Bet you didn’t realise your on-site scruffs were the height of cool, did you?

Bubble trouble

Experts have warned that the housing industry is a “bubble on a bubble” as houses are overvalued by as much as 12%. This could spell real trouble in the next recession, if these bubbles were to burst.

Massive recycling plant

The UK’s largest recycling plant for construction and demolition waste has opened in West Lothian and is now fully operational. It should be a construction industry game changer, ensuring waste can be disposed of in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Heatwave? Great for a cuppa

When you look back on the heatwave, a scalding hot cup of tea probably wasn’t high on your agenda. But in August, we saw that the rise in temperature spelled a bumper harvest for tea, at the UK’s only tea farm in Cornwall. Enough for a MILLION cuppas!

Speaking of cuppas…

Michael Owen has never had one. Never had a tea or coffee. Not a single cup.

We know. Unbelievable stuff.