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Picking The Right Plaster For Your Job

Plaster is probably one of those products you pick up for almost every new build or extension job. So, it’s likely that you’ve got your favourite, go-to option that you’ve stuck with for many years. But, plaster’s seen a lot of innovation over the last few years, meaning there are products on the market that now come with a whole range of benefits and could be the perfect match for your next project.

To find out why it’s important to pick the right plaster for your job, we caught up with the experts at British Gypsum about their ThistlePro range.

Better indoor air quality

As we found out in our recent blog, even now indoor air quality can be surprisingly poor and can lead to some serious health problems. And with all of us spending more time at home at the moment, it’s something that your customers are likely to be concerned about.

One of the main contributing factors to poor indoor air quality are pollutants known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are naturally emitted into rooms by pets, cleaning products, furniture, carpets and paints. The most common VOC found indoors is formaldehyde, which can cause fatigue, nausea and reduced concentration. It has also been linked to respiratory diseases and even cancer.

But how does this affect you? Well, there are innovative plaster options, such as British Gypsum’s ThistlePro PureFinish, that have been specifically designed to reduce formaldehyde emissions. The technology lasts for up to 50 years and will not re-emit formaldehyde over time, meaning you can provide your customers with better, healthier spaces*.

Stands the test of time

Another area of concern for your customers may be durability. Some of the most frequently used areas in the home, such as the hallway or stairs, are susceptible to heavier wear and tear. This leads to more maintenance work on the plaster – which can rack up unwanted bills for your customers.

But there is a solution! You can keep your customers happy by opting for a more durable plaster in the first place. The ThistlePro DuraFinish plaster has been designed to resist knocks and scrapes, giving a cleaner finish for longer, compared to standard plasters.

Adding some creativity

If your customer is looking to add a bit of creativity into their project, using a magnetic plaster is a handy and quick solution. ThistlePro Magnetic plaster contains a mineral element that is attracted to magnets, which means you can easily hang and attach items to the wall without the need for screws and nails. Whether it be an interactive wall in a child’s bedroom or playroom, a chalkboard wall in the kitchen or a notice board in a home office, ThistlePro Magnetic is also really versatile, as it can be decorated with paint or wallpaper without much impact on the strength of the magnets. And, as it can be applied in a similar way to any standard skim finish, it’s just as easy to install.

To find out more about the benefits of picking the right plaster for your job, visit the British Gypsum website or get in touch with your local Jewson branch, who can also order products from the ThistlePro range for you.

* Formaldehyde reduction is based on experimental data following ISO16000-23 standards from 0.4m² to 1.4m² installed/m³ room. Lifetime is based on a calculation assuming constant formaldehyde reduction with indoor formaldehyde concentration of 25μg/m³for ceiling, drywall or combined drywall and ceiling configurations.