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Pick Up a Porcupipe™ for a Clutter Free Gutter

We’re always on the lookout for practical and ingenious new products to add to our range and we think this latest one really fits the bill! Just in time for Autumn, the Porcupipe™ is a simple but effective device designed to sit in virtually any type of gutter and while it will let water flow freely – it’ll keep it clear from debris including moss and leaves.

The clever Porcupipe™ is different from other devices that just cover gutters – as it actually fits inside and fills the gutter, and its bristles effectively block it from debris. The Porcupipe™ can also be installed into ACO style gully drains or into any channel drain system.

The Porcupipe™ is easy to install and is available in three colours so it’s virtually invisible and maintenance free. It can also help to prevent entry of birds into roof space and can also help to keep out twigs and seeds.

So what are you waiting for, pop into your local Jewson branch today and make sure your customers benefit from clutter free gutters this winter!