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Part 9 – How many people? – Written by Gary King

Gary is surprised at how many Jewson people he has already spoken to without spending any money.

We’re advancing at a rate of knots on our Self Build journey. After much searching we bought the property and have started the somewhat scary yet strangely exhilarating process of knocking it to bits. Walls are out, chimneys are down, plaster is off, floorboards are gone and what once looked like a house has been stripped back to its Edwardian skeletal frame.


However, my initial anticipation is slowly being replaced by a feeling of confidence that we can get this done. And get it done on time and to budget. The Jewson Self Build Team have been magnificent. Like a well oiled machine they’ve rumbled into life with help, advice and access to our very own trade account.

In fact we must have been in touch with at least a dozen people from Jewson who have helped in playing a role in getting us to where we are now. We now have our very own Jewson branch where we can get technical advice on every aspect of the build; a set of CAD drawings showing us how our kitchens and bathrooms will look and access to all of the materials that we need to turn our dream into reality.

In fact the only thing that we haven’t done yet is to spend any money with Jewson. Now that’s what I call service.