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Part 3 – One place for all your Self Build needs – Written by Gary King

The internet has revolutionised the way that we communicate, work and do business. However it’s true power is in the fact that any wild claim, unverified theory or subject requiring further investigation can be researched immediately – or at least as soon as you get back from the pub. Winning football teams, guitarists in rock bands, who won The Boat Race in 1975 and in my case – do Jewson really have a dedicated Self Build division?


After looking up Jewson Self Build on a popular search engine it became immediately clear that they do. They promise to offer ‘professional advice, personal support and significant cost savings on all your materials and fittings.’

What’s not to like about that?

I also didn’t realise that Jewson have over 500 branches across the UK from Cornwall to Scotland and East Anglia to Wales. In fact there are two in Nottingham alone  –that’s a good start.

They also promise to get involved from day one of the project and their product range encompass every step of the build – basic materials, the roof, kitchen, bathrooms, landscaping and everything in between.

With a strap-line that reads – One Place For All Your Self Build Needs – this definitely calls for yet further investigation.

And it was Cambridge that won The Boat Race in 1975 – a feat they didn’t achieve again for another ten years.