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Part 17 – Timber, Doors & Joinery – Written by Gary King

We have used a huge variety of different timber on the job so far. In fact from the instance that we stripped the property back to bare walls there seems to have been a never ending stream of wood flowing into the house.

This has included batons to fix the insulated plasterboard to, door linings, joists, rafters, skirting boards, plywood, chipboard, purlins, stud walling and replacement floorboards. The latter was of the utmost necessity because it was to make safe the vicinity around where the upstairs toilet had been. This area had, through many years of men with a very poor aim, become completely rotten. It was so bad, that if let unchecked, the whole floor wood have certainly given way at some point in the future resulting in an unexpected guest landing in the kitchen below, toilet and all!


Jewson carry a complete range of wood from unfinished carcassing to machined timber to hardwood mouldings to sheet materials. The beauty of ordering everything through the branch is that they were able to tell us what we’d previously used for a particular application. This may sound like such an obvious thing but when working on so many different jobs it’s easy to forget what went where.

They also carry an enormous selection of doors. When we came to choose our internal doors we went for the Premdor vertical moulded 5 panel. We liked its clean lines and easy elegance. In addition it comes in a whole host of different sizes and with varying degrees of fire resistance – this was of paramount importance to satisfy building regulations.

Timber is a key component in any self build and choosing the right wood for any particular job is of equal importance. Fortunately due to our account handler’s expert knowledge any problems that we might have encountered were completely eradicated. It made everything timber related an absolute breeze.