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Oh so quiet: how to reduce noise in homes

Following building regs is a must. But sometimes that’s just not going to deliver the kind of acoustic benefits your customers are after.

When you build or extend a home, you need to think about where noise issues could arise. Would it be noise from next door: rowdy neighbours or howling hounds? Or noise transferring from room to room – the kids playing X-box next to dad’s home office? Once you’ve worked out which it is (or if it’s both) here are the solutions you need to give your customers some peace and quiet.

Rowdy relatives: partition walls

Noise is pretty much guaranteed to cause arguments in family homes or between friends in a flat share. However, you can provide your customers with a zen like tranquillity using insulation within partition walls.

Isover’s Acoustic Partition Roll provide great levels of sound reduction as it’s made from high performing glass mineral wool. It’s also straight forward to install, as the rolls push-fit between 600mm stud centres. If used alongside British Gypsum drywall and acoustic floor systems, it’s also covered by a SpecSure® Warranty – giving a lifetime guarantee on performance.

Noisy neighbours: separating walls

Everybody loves good neighbours. We all know that. But not when they are going wild with the DIY and testing out their new power tools at 7am on a Saturday morning.

If noise transfer between properties will be a potential issue on a new build or an extension, you can use sound insulation in separating walls (in between semi-detached or linked properties). This minimises sound transition between properties. Isover’s RD Party Wall Roll insulation is a key component within three Robust Detail constructions (E-WM-17, E-WM-20 and E-WM-24). If you follow the Robust Detail constructions to a tee, you’ll save both time and money by being able to avoid both the pre-completion testing and the parge coat prior to drylining.