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Creaking and squeaking: not the sounds you want your floorboards to make! Try No Squeak

It’s late at night and you are on a secret mission to the kitchen.  It matters not that all you are going there for is a glass of water; you must employ the tactics and the skill of a night ninja so you don’t wake the baby or your sleeping partner with the creaking floorboards!

Alternatively you could of course sort the floor problem out once and for all, but of course that might take the fun out of the night missions to the kitchen and is just another thing on your DIY jobs list the length of your arm…  If you did decide to put the ninja in you to bed though you could change the floor once and for all by using the new No Squeak adhesive that’s designed for installing P5 chipboard floor panels.

No Squeak’s tough polyurethane adhesive allows for fewer mechanical fixings and is completely flexible.  It’s the sound absorbing element that will ensure you don’t have to creep to the kitchen anymore, and it is easy and quick to use with less nails and fewer screws required to do the job.  Result? You can potter round the house all night if you want to without waking the baby, and if you want to carry on employing James Bond esque tactics to do so that is completely up to you!

You’ve got a few options when it comes to tackling your creaking floorboards-We’ve also had a look around at other hints and tips on fixing creaky and squeaky floorboards and there are plenty of them.  Have you put any of these methods into practice?

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There has been some serious effort in working out the different approaches to this particular niggling problem.  We’d be really interested to hear your views on both the above and if you’ve tried No Squeak how you found the end result?  If you haven’t tried it yet give it a shot before 27th August as its part of our Price Blitz offer until then.  Right, time for a glass of water.

No Squeak is part of our Price Blitz offer from 15th August – 27th August. Ask in branch for more information!