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New safety laws for landlords

From October 2015, new regulations for landlords have been put in place to ensure working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in rental properties around the UK. The regulation states that there must be at least one alarm on every storey of a rental property.

If landlords do not follow the new regulations, a penalty fine of up to £5,000 could be imposed.

Who is responsible for this?

A landlord or even someone acting on their behalf will need ensure all alarms are working before a tenancy begins.

After the test on the first day of the tenancy, it is then the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the alarms are working by regularly checking them on a monthly basis for their own safety.

The Nest Protect alarm can help

New regulations

Nest Protect does much more than just sound a shrill alarm when there’s danger in a home. Nest Protect speaks, telling the homeowner what and where the problem is. It can even send an alert to a phone via the Nest app when something is wrong.

Nest Protect knows when there’s a little smoke or a lot of smoke, and when there are emergency levels of CO. As soon as Nest Protect senses there’s a problem, a friendly HeadsUp warning is issued so the problem is addressed or the home is evacuated.

To find out more and buy the Nest Protect, visit the Jewson Tools website.

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 have now been approved by Parliament.

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