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Need For Speed: Top Tips to Speed Up Your Build

As the old phrase goes, “time is money”, and this is never truer than when you’re building, extending or renovating a property. To keep costs as low as possible, efficiency is critical, so how can you speed up the process to complete the project ASAP?

Here, our friends over at Pasquill offer their top tips to make sure your project runs on schedule…


Plan ahead to minimise risk

Planning ahead is the best way to make sure you keep your project running on schedule and on budget. Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software not only means you can be more accurate, but also makes the design process quicker.

With BIM, Architects and Designers are able to create intelligent 3D models that offer insight to design buildings and building elements to plan more efficiently before construction begins. It also streamlines the design process and minimises risk of waste due to detailed specifications.


Consider off-site build methods

Off-site is one of the most talked about topics in construction, and when you look at the benefits it can provide it’s easy to see why. Research shows that the time required to construct and commission an off-site building is typically reduced by 50% – 60% in cases where large elements can be prefabricated[1].

For example, using roof trusses (also known as trussed rafters) can hugely reduce the amount of time spent installing a roof structure. This is because the vast majority of cutting in and lining associated with traditional roof construction is eliminated. Modern technology such as laser technology increases the accuracy of construction, allowing trusses to be designed to the millimetre for the perfect fit every time.


Choose the right supplier

When choosing suppliers, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all providers will offer the same products and service. It’s best to shop around, and keep in mind that the supplier with the cheapest quote may not offer the highest quality materials or the quickest turnaround.

The unique infrastructure of Pasquill means we can produce and deliver high quality solutions far quicker than their competitors. Not only do we use MiTek Pamir BIM software to make the design process quicker, but we also have 16 design centres and nine manufacturing plants located across the whole of the UK.

This provides us with national coverage as well as local knowledge and service to be able to fulfil customers’ requirements – no matter what the size of the project and product specification.


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