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Nail Your Job Estimates With Build Aviator

We all know that when working in the trade, you’ll always have a never-ending to-do list. But what might slip to the bottom of this very long list is costing up your upcoming jobs. Although it might not be your favourite task, getting this right is really important in winning new work and maintaining a good reputation with customers.

There are of course lots of things to consider when you’re working on job estimates, and it can be easy to make mistakes. To help you get estimates right first time, we caught up with Andy from Build Aviator, who’s here to give you his top tips.

Keep a checklist

The most common mistake we come across when it comes to costing up jobs is forgetting to include everything that’s needed for the job. When you consider that just a window alone will have over a thousand calculations, it’s so easy to forget to list all the materials you’ll need, from the number of screws to the window seals.

Materials aside, it’s also important to bear in mind all of those extra costs that you may have forgotten about. We often see costings that are missing plant hire and other overheads, but these really need to be included so that you won’t have to foot the bill yourself. Whether you’ve had to hire out equipment, or even if it’s your own, you need to remember to charge plant hire. This covers the cost if you’re hiring, but also covers wear and tear if you own it.

One method that could help is writing up a check list on a spreadsheet, which you can then use for any upcoming jobs. By having this at hand, you can tick boxes as you go, making sure everything’s covered. But if you’re looking for an easier life, the Build Aviator service is the simple way of costing up jobs. The service automatically costs up the job for you, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing’s been left out.

Add a cover letter

When presenting an estimate to customers, creating a cover letter can help add that professional touch. This is a great way of making a good first impression that can help win over the client. But it’s not just about how it looks, by using a cover letter you can also put a date on the estimate. This can come in handy as this is a great way of covering your back should prices change in future.

Keeping up to code

One of the most important parts of costing up jobs is to make sure it’s all up to code, and follows the Standard Assessment Procedure, or SAP, as set by the government. It’s not just important to understand SAP, but it’s even more crucial that you keep up with any changes or updates that could affect costings.

As the Build Aviator service automatically ensures everything’s up to code, you can be sure that the estimate you hand over to your customer complies with all building regs.

There you have it, some handy tips that you can take onboard when costing up your next job. Remember, the Build Aviator service is here to help, and can take the hassle out of estimating. To find out more, head to the Jewson and Build Aviator websites.