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Making Garden Offices Fit For The Elements

Sales of garden offices have been on the rise for quite some time now, as they provide a great solution for people who work from home but need a dedicated space to concentrate in. But while they might seem like an appealing option in the summer, some customers might be put off the idea as we head into winter. However, a well-installed and well-insulated garden office is a great option all year round. Here are some considerations to chat through with customers who might be thinking of investing in one.

Underfloor Heating

Radiator systems tend to be the go-to source of heat for outbuildings, but we’d recommend that for a garden office, underfloor heating is a much better option. The effective heat distribution they offer means that the whole space is kept warm, so your customer won’t find themselves huddled around the heater. This even distribution saves on energy and bills too.

Underfloor heating also has the edge when it comes to making the most of the room. Standard radiators can be cumbersome and take up precious floorspace. Considering that most garden offices have a small square footage to begin with, this can have a big impact on design and functionality.


While it might be a small space, insulation is a vital consideration to keep the office toasty and comfortable all year round. Products in the Saint-Gobain ISOVER range are a great solution, especially as the acoustic options help create a quiet environment that’s ideal for working.


Choosing a heat recovery system can make the whole world of difference in a garden office. This isn’t just a way of prolonging the life of a building, proper ventilation really transforms a space, making it more comfortable and enjoyable to use.

The high-tech Unohab ventilation system, for example, boasts up to 88% thermal efficiency, which helps to capture heat from the air that goes through it, and improves the energy efficiency rate too.

If you’re unsure of how you can create the ideal garden office for your customer, the Making Better Homes hub is the place for you. You’ll find guidance on how you can make a build more comfortable for your customers, as well as advice on training, grants and support. Alternatively, get in touch with the Build Aviator team who can let you know all about their bespoke or pre-made garden room offering.