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Make your self build an oasis with these ‘Wonderwall’ solutions…

When it comes to self build, there are many exciting things to consider. From building materials, to the design of the interior – everything counts when getting it just right and it’s all up to you to choose. With so many decisions to make, it’s often easy to overlook some of the bread and butter parts of the build which don’t traditionally affect the final visual impact.
The walls, for example, might not be the first thing that springs to mind, however there are many new products on the market that can help to really transform a space. This is what draws many people into the self build process – the fact that you can pick and choose the most innovative products to create a home that’s tailor-made just for you.

Recent developments in plaster, plasterboard and dry lining mean that you can make the most of your walls and inspire creativity in the home.


Getting creative
The great thing about self build is that you know how you plan to use the space and can choose products that fit the brief. If you often work from home or have a family who like to get creative, products such as Thistle Magnetic Plaster can work really well. Designed to attract magnets, Thistle Magnetic Plaster can transform any wall into an interactive gallery or, when combined with whiteboard or chalkboard paint, a floor-to-ceiling noticeboard.

This unique plaster is a great way of injecting some fun into a room, without mess or fuss. From the lounge or kitchen, to the bedroom or study, rooms with Thistle Magnetic Plaster offer you a way of expressing yourself that’s easy to change as often as you like.

Fix up, look sharp

Once you’ve moved into your new home, fixing shelves and making the most of the space is the next priority. Gyproc Habito is a completely new super-strength plasterboard that has been designed specifically to offer homeowners greater levels of flexibility and durability in interior spaces.

With a reinforced core, Gyproc Habito is five times stronger than standard plasterboard so it can support up to 15kg with a single no. 10 woodscrew. This means you can free up floor space by fixing heavy things like TVs, shelves and mirrors to the wall quickly and easily. It also has a huge effect on the flexibility of a space as you can change up your décor later down the line without worrying about the remains of specialist fixtures and fixings ruining the walls.


Keeping warm

Insulation might not be the most glamorous part of a self build project but it is essential to creating a cosy, welcoming home that’s energy efficient. Gyproc ThermaLine PIR is a specialist board that offers greater thermal performance at a lower thickness than standard laminates. The slim-line product is an upgrade to standard insulation on the market and also includes a vapour control layer to reduce risk of condensation.

Fresh air

While improved insulation goes a long way to keeping the heat in and creating an energy efficient home, you also need to consider appropriate ventilation solutions to ensure there’s still a source of clean, fresh air and to help eliminate any dangerous chemicals commonly found in the home.

In addition to good ventilation, products such as Thistle PureFinish plaster from British Gypsum contains ACTIVair technology and has been designed specifically to absorb dangerous formalehyde from the air, reducing levels by up to 70 per cent .

Visit your local Jewson branch to discover more products that can support your self-build project, or find out more here.


By Sarah White, Residential Market Manager at British Gypsum