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Landscaping In Time For Spring

With winter now in full swing, those of you who offer landscaping services may well find yourselves being asked by customers to help get their gardens ready and protected from the extreme weather ahead. Don’t forget it’s also a good time to let potential customers know – that if they’re thinking about a hard landscaping project – if they act now they can have their garden ready andblooming in spring next year.

It’s always worth asking your customers if they would like their hard landscaping jobs done now as areas covered in paving and aggregate can be much easier to maintain during the winter months. So, make sure you check out our useful Landscaping website, which is here to supply everything you could possibly need to make every job a success, such as Marshalls Paving, Elite Fencing, Softwood Decking and Rolawn Medallion Turf.

Here’s a handy tip for you to pass onto your customers. Normal rock salt can be used as part of a homeowner’s general winter maintenance. It can be used on most Marshalls driveways and paving products however, customers should also be advised that de-icing salts must not be used on any Marshalls wet cast products; such as the Heritage, Coach house, Firedstone and Woodstone.

For more information on our range of landscaping products and solutions for carrying out general winter maintenance visit www.jewsonlandscaping.co.uk