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Keeping your customers cosy this winter

It’s official: due to an overly enthusiastic heatwave this summer, Brits are even less prepared than usual for the colder months.

There’s, erm, snow doubt about it – when it comes to preparing your customers for the winter months, we’ve got it wrapped.

Here are a few things you can tell them to make sure they stay cosy this winter.

Insulation, insulation, insulation…

A well-designed and properly installed insulation system can offer property owners multiple benefits in the long-term. Reduced energy costs and dampness, as well as improved system performance – even minimised noise pollution – are just a few of these.

On-site, make sure you’re kitting your clients out with the right system this winter. To view our thermal insulation range, visit https://www.jewson.co.uk/building-materials/thermal-insulation/

Guard the gutters!

Gutter guards help to prevent debris from entering the system – which can be a lifesaver when the snow starts to fall.
The cleaner the gutter, the more effective the flow of water (which is what melted snow is FYI) down to the ground.
Keep your customers up-to-speed to prevent damage from overfilled guttering, which ain’t a pretty sight.

Switch up the volume…

Of electricity, that is. It never hurts to have a back-up energy supply in case of a power cut. While we’re used to the old portable on-site, it’s something homeowners don’t tend to prioritise in the weekly shop.
Outline the advantages – in case of an outage, continuous power will keep them warm and help to prevent frozen pipes. It also means you can find the chocolate Hobnobs through the darkness…

Plan ahead

There are a few other things we can advise on which might just be a lifesaver in the bleak mid-winter.
Getting heaters serviced ahead of the colder months, checking smoke alarms are in full working order and checking pipes for leaks are all a worthwhile investment to protect homes and other properties this winter.
These are the kind of things we take for granted all the time, but if the weather hits hard this season, call-outs and accessible support are going to be more difficult to come by.

If the weather forecast is correct, extreme winters are something we’re going to need to get used to more and more. Make sure you’re taking care of your customers, your pals and – most importantly – yourself.