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Keeping Safe On Site

A lot has changed over the past few months, and as more people get back on site it’s becoming even clearer that we have to adapt to a new way of working. Building sites have always been governed by strict health and safety regulations and now there are a number of additional precautions to consider to keep everyone safe.

It’s essential that we all stick to the current social distancing rules. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the apprentice handing you a cuppa or sharing your favourite snacks with the brickie!

To help remind everyone of the new rules, we’ve created a set of signs which you can download and use on site for free. Just click here.


Regularly washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of coronavirus. Remind everyone where the dedicated sanitation station is and how to properly wash your hands with these handy signs:


As well as your hands it’s also important that surfaces, tools and other objects are regularly cleaned to prevent contamination. Use this sign as a reminder:

You might need to make certain areas off limits for hygiene reasons. In these spaces our Do Not Touch sign could be used:


Keeping 2m apart at all times is an important safety measure that must be adhered to:

In tight spaces where it isn’t possible to keep 2m apart while passing one another, a one-way system will be useful. Plan out your route using this template:

When enforcing the one-way system, wait here or no entry signs will keep everyone on the right path:


When working in smaller spaces it is wise that you limit the amount of people that can be in a room at any given time. Use these signs to stop overcrowding: 3 to a room / 5 to a room



A one-in, one-out policy for toilets is an easy way to maintain correct social distancing:

Put up this sign as a reminder for people to stick to the rules while smoking:

It’s still important that everyone takes regular breaks throughout the day, but this can lead to congested areas if everyone heads out at the same time. By staggering break times, you can help maintain social distancing measures:


Working in the current circumstances can be challenging and have an effect on people’s mental health. Give them a smile at the end of the day and a simple thank you:

Once it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave. Stop any dawdlers by kindly asking people to leave promptly once the working day is finished:

Download the full pack here.

If you’re unsure on the current practices, head over to the Construction Leadership Council or the Government website for the latest information.