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How To Keep Your Customers Safe On Site

Keeping safe on site is more important than ever, but what about when it comes to keeping your customers safe too. We’ve been chatting to homeowners about their biggest concerns when it comes to having tradespeople in their homes during the pandemic. The good news is that with some simple changes, you can make them feel at ease while getting on with your work safely.

And to get you that extra gold star, we’ve created a checklist of these various safety measures. Why not print it off and share a copy with your clients to show them the efforts you’re going to to keep them safe.

Download it here.


It’s no surprise that hygiene comes top of the list of concerns for homeowners! A whopping 91% said they want to see tradespeople wash their hands regularly, closely followed by 87% saying they want to see tradespeople use hand sanitiser. This also extends to using your own cutlery, plates and cups for eating and drinking to avoid cross contamination, with 77% wanting you to use your own equipment when in their home.


Putting on that extra PPE isn’t going away any time soon. 77% of homeowners told us they’d prefer it if tradespeople wore gloves when working on site or in their home. Additionally, face coverings and overshoes are just as important with 75% wanting to see these measures in place.
PPE isn’t just limited to working on site, either, as 71% said they would prefer it if tradespeople wore protective clothing when collecting materials.

Social Distancing

Finally, and as expected, your customers are also concerned about social distancing. This relates to social distancing with your customers (89%), as well as with your mates on site (86%). You can also stay in the good books by limiting the amount of people on site at any one time, informing them of your social distancing measures before you start the job and taking on fewer jobs at once.

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