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At Jewson, as part of Saint-Gobain, we strive to make the world a better home. This doesn’t just mean helping you create more sustainable buildings or lowering your carbon footprint. It also means supporting those who go above and beyond to give back to our communities.

It’s important to us that we work with charities that make a real difference to people’s lives. This is why we’re so proud to partner with children’s charity, Barnardo’s and trade charity, Band of Builders. Both organisations offer invaluable help and support to those who are truly in need.

About Barnardo’s

Since 2017 we have partnered with Barnardo’s and have co-developed the ‘Futurebuild’ YouthBuild Training Academy, donating money, equipment, construction materials and expertise to help the academy teach trade skills to young people leaving care.

The qualifications these young people receive transform their chances of securing employment within the construction industry and building a strong foundation for their adult life.

According to the Learning and Work Institute, when children leave the care system, they are three times more likely not to be in education, employment or training than other young people.

The Barnardo’s YouthBuild Academy is designed to offer them the skills and mentoring to equip them for the world of work and the skills to develop a successful career in the construction trade. Through connecting young people with our customers, we’re also able to close the circle by meet potential employers from within our customer base.

Through Jewson Partnership Solutions (JPS), part of Saint-Gobain, we’ve been able to put in place measures that solidify our relationship with Youthbuild and build on the resources and help available to these young people. One of these is the special Social Enterprise, ‘Youthbuilders’. Youthbuilders develops young people’s skills in construction and, working with JPS’s public sector partners, works alongside trade professionals to help maintain social housing. The practical skills and experience the Youthbuilders helps set them up for a lifelong career in construction.

You can donate to Barnardo’s through Jewson using this QR code on your mobile device:

About Band of Builders

Jewson and Band of Builders have been working in partnership since 2016 to help people working in the construction industry who are dealing with challenging emotional or financial circumstances.

From home renovations to mental health counselling, Band of Builders offers a range of support which isn’t readily available to tradespeople.

In 2021 alone the efforts of Jewson colleagues and customers raised more than £100,000 for the charity to support the wellbeing of everyone connected to the industry.

If you want to get involved with Band of Builders or support the cause, you can use this QR code:

So far this year we have continued our fundraising efforts for both charities. This includes the Monster Splash event in Rotherham, which raised £23,000, and our Dragon Boat race which saw more than 240 Jewson and supplier colleagues competing to raise over £30,000 for Barnardo’s and Band of Builders.

For all the latest information on our fundraising events follow our social channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or visit the Jewson blog.