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Everyone in the building trade will have heard the name of our good friends Wienerberger. Having been around for more than 200 years, the brand has built a reputation for being one of the world’s biggest suppliers of bricks, with products now sold in 30 countries and manufactured across 197 production sites. 

Not only are Wienerberger’s bricks high quality – the range is so vast that you’ll find the bricks you need for any project. This includes Special Shaped Bricks, which are now stocked online and in Jewson branches.  

Special Shaped Bricks – what are they and why use them? 

Special Shaped Bricks are exactly how they sound. They come in unique shapes and sizes, giving you the freedom to create innovative designs and a pleasing aesthetic that is difficult to achieve with standard metric or imperial bricks.  

What’s more, the bricks are produced by two raw, natural materials: clay and water. The clay is free of volatile organic compounds, pollutants and allergens, making it a top choice for helping to protect the environment. 

They are also highly durable, adding an extra layer of protection to your brickwork. By using Special Shaped Bricks, you’ll reduce waste and save time as there’s no need to cut the bricks – they’ve already been designed to suit your needs.  

You may be thinking: can you really get a Special Shaped Brick for every use? To answer that question, we’ve created a handy list of the different types that Wienerberger offers. Take a look for yourself:  

Angle and Cant  

Available in 30°, 45° and 60°, these bricks will give you the perfect angle every time without the hassle and time spent cutting. The use of Cant bricks also helps to provide added detail for doors, windows and corners, ensuring the project you’re working on stands out. 


Arch & Radial  

These purpose-built bricks are designed for arches over doorways or windows, and also remove the need for cutting, so you can create the perfect arch in the quickest time possible. Whether you’ve been asked to create a decorative finish, a step, or even a firepit, radial special bricks offer the perfect curved finish. 


Bonding bricks can be used to create bonding patterns that draw the attention of passersby, while adding strength and durability to a project.   


Bullnose Special Shaped Bricks are used to soften the aesthetics and add protection and visual appeal to corner details, as well as on top of walls. 

Capping and Coping 

These Special Shaped Bricks are easy on the eye. As you’ll have already guessed, they’re used to cap the tops of parapets or free-standing walls, offering an added layer of protection for external walls and creating an impressive high-end finish.  


These are used to create a single or double course splay detail, allowing a change in depth to brickwork at the base of buildings. The bricks are perfect for windowsills, corbelling details, capping and kerbs.  


Slips are thin slices of brick used to decorate walls both inside and outside. If your customer wants to perk up the aesthetic of their home, these slips are here to stay.  


Soldier bricks act as a complementary or contrasting detail to break up large areas of brickwork, showing that small details make all the difference.  

Planning your next project  

Need to estimate how many Special Shaped Bricks you need for your next project? Build Aviator can help by creating an accurate list of materials you’ll need, along with a fully costed proposal and quotes. Plot in your requirements and let our team do the work with you.  

We’ve also got a team of dedicated brick experts, armed with knowledge to help you make the right decision every time. Find your local expert in one of our specialist brick branches, where you can also pick up free samples to try before you buy or use our brick matching services to ensure you get the best for the job, every time!  

Click here to view the range of Wienerberger Special Shaped Bricks or visit your local branch to chat to the team