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Jewson Picks Winner of Trucky Dip

We recently picked the winner for Trucky Dip – our annual competition that gives Jewson customers the chance to win one of three Nissan commercial vehicles.

We could have just called our winner Will to let him know, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, we decided to surprise him with the news when he was in his local Jewson branch in Stratford-upon-Avon.


Mark Rayfield, CEO of Jewson, was hiding out at the branch with Will’s new truck and unbeknown to Will, there were secret cameras filming the entire thing. The branch manager, Nick Gardner, and even Will’s dad were in on the surprise, and we loved seeing his face when he found out he won.


From the choice of three Nissan commercial vehicles, Will chose the Nissan Navara, worth £25,000.


Congratulations to Will! You can see the full video and his reaction here.

To celebrate the competition, we also created our very own playlist made up of the best songs to drive to. Have a listen here.