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We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with leading cancer charity, Melanoma UK to help protect our customers and colleagues from the dangers of skin cancer.

As part of our ‘Hard Hat Your Skin’ campaign, we’ll be stocking sun cream in all our branches across the country as we believe it’s an essential piece of PPE for tradespeople and others who work outdoors.

Did you know that around 70% of skin cancers and melanomas found in the UK today are down to being outside without sun protection? Those who work outdoors are actually three times more likely to develop a melanoma than other people.

That is why we will not only be stocking Nivea Sun at all our branches, but we will also donate 50p for every bottle sold to Melanoma UK. The funding will go towards vital screening equipment which will help diagnose possible issues before they become life-threatening.

We’ll also be carrying out a range of activities to raise awareness of the risks of skin cancer both in branches and across social media to get our customers and colleagues talking.

Melanoma UK chief executive, Gill Nuttall, believes our partnership with them is one of the greatest in the charity’s history. She said: “All outdoor workers and their managers should start treating sun cream as a form of PPE, in the same way as a hard hat or safety boots would be.”

The ‘Hard Hat Your Skin’ campaign is now live across our branches. Our Marketing Director, Gareth Drew, explained: “We’re always thinking about ways to make life better for our customers and colleagues – whether it’s through our projects that support the community, improving service in branches or offers. This is a key part of that.

“We looked at the statistics on skin cancer and were shocked. We knew we needed to do something, so we spoke with Nivea Sun about stocking their products. At the same time, by supporting Melanoma UK with its life-changing activities, we know that we can help make a positive difference in the fight against skin cancer. Our colleagues also need to be more aware of the risks, as many of them spend a lot of time working outside. We’re making sure our message gets through to everyone working with us.”

For more information about Melanoma UK, and the support available, visit www.melanomauk.org.uk.