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Jewson and Grono artificial grass partnership – a landscaper’s dream!

We have recently teamed up with Grono Lawns and have invited them to write a guest post for our blog this week.

Jewson, the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable timber and building materials, have struck an exclusivity agreement with Grono Lawns, offering the most realistic artificial grass ever seen on the market.

Remember the Astroturf of old? Artificial lawns have come a long way since then. The manufacturing technology is now so advanced that today’s artificial grass looks and feels just like the real thing – it’s no longer the spiky plastic carpet used by greengrocers. GRONO artificial grass is UV stable (unaffected by sunlight), has a 20 year life span, is child and pet friendly and gives you a maintenance-free lawn the whole family can enjoy all year round.

– No rain required
– No maintenance
– No brown patches
– Mud becomes a thing of the past

Landscaping products will always be an important part of Jewson’s product range. Hosepipe bans in today’s unpredictable climate cause no end of problems for grass – installing a GRONO lawn gives you a garden to be proud of. GRONO Lawns have developed a range to suit every requirement – from our 30mm basic lawn to 50mm luxury grass – you won’t believe it’s not real!

Your local Jewson branch sells everything you need to install your stunning, easy-to-fit Grono lawn, including:

– Anti-weed membrane
– Mot Type 1
– Sharp sand
– Slate Timber Batons

There is also an easy to follow video on our website Artificial Grass.

So if you want to beat the ban and effortlessly enjoy a manicured lawn all year round, visit your local Jewson Branch today. Remember, NO WEEDS!