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Installing doors: what’s the crack?

Fitting doors can be a tricky business. The job is time-consuming and often requires having an experienced joiner to hand – not to mention all of the key components which need to be taken into consideration: having the right kit, wall thickness and spot-on measurements to ensure the perfect fit; to name just a few!  

Fortunately, our friends at Premdor are here to help make your lives a little bit easier. You don’t have to be a joiner to get some joy with their SpeedSet Plus doorset system.  

Follow these simple steps to fit doors the right way:

  1. Firstly, you need to carefully unload the doorset. This isn’t a job you want to rush
  2. Make sure you avoid any chips or damages. Also check you’ve got the bag of necessary ancillary components and architraves nearby. Once everything looks in order, you’re good to go!
  3. Fit the four pairs of fixing brackets to each jamb. Hold the doorset upright, fitting it centrally into the opening. Ensure it is plumb and square before you move on to…
  4. Definitely don’t miss this part out: secure the door and frame to the wall. Make sure it’s strong and stable to avoid any wobbles a few months down the line
  5. Next up, assess the thickness of the wall. You can easily adjust the lining width using the screws in the jamb and head
  6. Fit the architrave using a good quality adhesive, available at your local Jewson branch. You can paint the door, frame and architrave if required
  7. Fit your handles of choice. These don’t come with SpeedSet, so you’ll need to schedule a shopping trip in advance
  8. Your door fitting is now complete! See. Easy peasy

Premdor’s SpeedSet Plus doorsets are designed to make door installations that bit easier and more efficient.

The product comes with its very own installation guide to help with understanding fittings and requirements here. 

They’ve even got a video on their YouTube channel.