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How To Get Accredited To Do Work Under The Green Homes Grant

You might have heard the words ‘Green Homes Grant’ being talked about in the news or even spotted the phrase on our website. The good news is that this government scheme could mean lots more work coming your way in the form of energy efficient improvements to your customers’ homes. But, before you can start securing these jobs, you’ll need to have the right accreditation in place.

So, here’s everything you need to know to make sure you can cash in on this exciting new opportunity and how our sister company, Build Aviator, can help you along the way.

What accreditation do I need?

Step one – to install energy efficient measures you must be certified against the following Publicity Available Specification (PAS) standards:
• PAS 2030:2017
• PAS 2030:2019

If you install low carbon heat measures such as heat pumps, you’ll also need to be certified with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

These industry specifications are needed to give property owners confidence in the quality of work that is taking place – plus it makes you guys look even better!

How do I get accredited?

For more information on how to become PAS and MCS certified, check out www.jewson.co.uk. Make sure your certification body can supply you with the relevant certification needed for all the energy efficiency measures you wish to carry out under the scheme. And remember, approval can take up to six to eight weeks to come through.

Once you have the relevant accreditation, the next step is to register your business with TrustMark so you can claim the vouchers to cover you for the work. Remember to check the Framework Operating Requirements (FOR) V2.2 and Code of Conduct for Registered Businesses, the Customer Charter as well as any requirements set by BEIS and the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme Administrator before you apply.

As before, your business can apply for TrustMark registration through your certification body. They’ll just complete a few pre-entry checks to make sure that all the information and supporting evidence is in place. You can expect a site visit as the assessment requires you to provide an adequate sample of your work pre, mid and post-site inspection.

But remember, you must have received confirmation that your registration has been successful before you can carry out any work under the scheme. If at any point you lose your certification or your TrustMark approval, you must notify the Green Homes Grant scheme administrator.

If this all seems a bit daunting or you’re starting out from scratch, then our friends and partners over at Build Aviator can help put you on the right track. They’ll help you work towards the accreditation and let you know what you need to build on, taking all the hard work out of the process for you. Just drop them a message at [email protected]k.

How do I register to become a Green Homes Grant installer?

Once you’re PAS and TrustMark approved, you’re ready to become a Green Homes Grant installer! All you need to do is register here, sign up to the T&Cs and input your company’s details to make sure you get paid. Make sure you register for each of the jobs you’re looking to carry out under the scheme.
Your business will then appear on the Simple Energy Advice’s list of certified installers, so potential customers can get hold of your details and start the tender process.

Once you secure the work you’ll need to input the details into TrustMark’s Data Warehouse which you can access via your TrustMark Business Portal. Then, once the work is completed and your customer contribution has been declared, the grant administrator will arrange your payment, usually within 5 working days.

Here are some important links to make sure you’re fully covered:

Register as a certified installer with TrustMark
Register to be a Green Homes Grant installer

How Jewson can help you get accredited

We know that getting accredited can be easier said than done. So, we want to help. We’re working with the team at Build Aviator who have years of experience in the trade, and are on hand to help with securing the relevant accreditation and helping you with everything you need to input into the content management system before you send it off to the final assessors.

Also, as part of the TrustMark accreditation, you can appoint or engage a fully qualified TrustMark-registered Retrofit Coordinator to provide you with the necessary PAS 2035 documentation. Our friends over at Trade Engine can help set this up for you.

Just drop us an email at [email protected] to see how we can help.

What products can I use?

There are certain products you can use under the Green Homes Grant scheme, as they need to be in line with the specified system designs and Registered Construction Details.

At Jewson, we’re doing our bit to make sure we’re stocking the right products and that they are fit for use across Green Homes Grant jobs. Working closely with Local Authority Building Control (LABC), we’ve been able to match over 15,000 of our compliant products with the 368 Construction Details, making your product choice that much easier.

And to find out all the benefits the Green Homes Grant can offer, what jobs are covered under the scheme and for more information, visit https://www.jewson.co.uk/promotions/green-homes-grant.