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How to cut grass, the Grono way

Forget Tinder, today we’re looking at how to perfectly match two pieces of artificial grass. Oh yes. Keep reading and your customers will swipe right at your skills…

Watch our video for a visual demo and see instructions below:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need some Grono grass to hand, as well as a pretty sharp knife, some joint tape and the Grono bond adhesive. And last, but definitely not least, a pen or pencil
  2. Make your first cut close to a line of stitching, moving the knife all the way down. On the other piece of grass, do the same but leaving a strip of backing visible so that when these are joined, you get a line right up against the stitching
  3. When the pieces are aligned, peel both sides back and mark where the join is going to take place on your backing tape
  4. Put some glue on your tape
  5. The next stage is to lay the grass back down. The first side we lay is the one with the bit of black backing showing. We then lay the second piece into position – but make sure none of the blades of grass are caught. You’re looking for a 1-2mm gap between the two pieces of grass
  6. Press down, and leave for the glue to go off
  7. And there we have the perfect joint!