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How I Built My… with Ben Kuchta

Gas technician. Technology consultant. Inventor. Life saver. Horse rider. These are all words you could use to describe gas technician, Ben Kuchta.

He was highly commended in our Young Tradesperson of the Year awards for his life-saving device that turns off defective gas appliances when carbon monoxide is detected.

Well worth reading what he has to say we reckon!

Tell us, how did you get started in your trade?

I had just left school wanting to be an electrician, so I signed up to a three year course at my local college. I qualified with a distinction and found work wiring up central heating systems. I became really interested in gas and heating systems so I went back to college and retrained so I could eventually set up my own business offering both services.

And what do you do now?

I’m still working as a gas technician installing, servicing and repairing domestic natural gas appliances for customers and commercial clients but I’m also the director of Quantic Corporation Limited. On top of this, I’m also an international inventor, industry & technology consultant and founder of Project SOTER, a life saving device that automatically turns off defective gas appliances by responding to an external carbon monoxide alarm. I’m working towards becoming a chartered engineer.

Describe your typical day?

The great bit of the job is that there isn’t a typical day. The business growth has been improving year after year so I’m constantly reviewing and adapting business policies and procedures (including myself!) every month to maintain the momentum. There has been a surge of interest in gas and business services for commercial clients recently. That means there have been some long hours put in to ensure the contracts are fulfilled before September, on top of the usual workload.

How would you say you go that extra mile for your customers?

Every customer is treated equally and it’s that consistent service that ensures customer satisfaction and referral.

If you had to choose, what’d be your favourite bit of kit?

The van!

How do you unwind offsite?

By trying something new every weekend, or at least trying to. I love the outdoors and last weekend decided to try horse riding!

What are you most proud of?

Absolutely everything! I take huge pride in my work and I’m always looking at ways to improve services, myself and the customer experience.

We’re brewing up – what’s yours?

Single shot espresso, Italian blend. Just been introduced to it by a close friend!

Finally, what’s your top bit of advice for anybody thinking of starting out in a trade?

Persistence! It really does take a long time but the rewards, new skills, experience, opportunities and people you’ll meet are like no other. There’s a great (but very old) book called Successward by Edward W. Bok, I’d highly recommend it.