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Hot off the press!

Empty shops to be turned into houses
In an attempt to solve the country’s housing crisis, the government is looking to relax planning rules so it’s easier to convert commercial properties into residential properties. So far, the PM has backed the idea – what do you think of the potential solution?

Man proposes with a festive bake
In case you missed it, this month a man proposed using a festive bake from Greggs. What an inspiration.

Major skills boost set to take place in the construction industry
Innovative partnerships up and down the country have won a share of the £22 million Construction Skills Fund to set up new ‘hubs’ which will train 17,000 people to be site-ready by 2020.

1,000 ft Tulip to bloom in the city
The technical details of London’s new ‘Tulip’ building have been released. The structure is set to be the City of London’s tallest building.

Beard lights are back for Christmas 2018
It’s time to bring some festivity to your facial fur. The return of beard lights has met a ‘phenomenal global demand’. If you don’t hop on this bandwagon, you’re a scrooge. The end