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Helping Customers With The Kitchens Of Tomorrow

One of the most popular areas for home renovations is the kitchen. With the possibility of such a big project for your customers, why not maximise your profit by helping to select and install the appliances too? Providing that end-to-end service is a great way to show your range of skills and makes it more likely that customers will recommend you to their friends and family in the future.

The latest kitchen trends mean tech is up there on the list of priorities. To help you keep up to date we’ve teamed up with kitchen appliance manufacturers, Bosch and Neff, to fill you in on all the latest gadgets, from self-cleaning ovens, to fridges with internal cameras… all available at your local Jewson kitchen showroom.

Say goodbye to the scourer

If your customer wrote down the kitchen tasks they hated the most, cleaning the oven would probably be at the very top of that list. It’s something most of us will admit we avoid doing all together as it’s a pretty time-consuming job that involves a lot of elbow grease!

Luckily, your customer can now invest in a self-cleaning oven. Yes, you read that right, a self-cleaning oven that can take care of itself! Bosch’s Pyrolytic oven can be cleaned by just removing the trays and rails and selecting the self-cleaning setting. The oven will then heat up to 480 degrees, turning any grease or grime into dust – all that’s left to do is wipe it away with a damp cloth. Life changing and a perfect option to share with any customers with a busy life (or who just hate cleaning)!

No more burnt dinners

If your customer wants to become the next Gordon Ramsey, why not introduce them to BoschAssist? These ovens have advanced cooking settings, designed to help users cook their meals perfectly, every time.

The PerfectBake sensor measures the moisture level of dishes and adapts the temperature automatically, making sure a dry roast chicken is a thing of the past, while the PerfectRoast meat probe has three temperature sensors that give you an accurate reading, taking out any guesswork.

Keep veggies fresh for longer

Food waste is a massive problem, not just in the UK, but worldwide. So, if your customer wants to play their part in lowering their food waste, they might want to opt for a fridge that can help.

The FreshSafe technology from Neff is designed to keep food fresh for longer, especially fruit and veg. The fridges come with a preservation drawer for fresh produce, with optimised temperatures and a seal that makes sure the humidity is just right too. There are three options available, with the most efficient option, FreshSafe 3, keeping fruit and veg fresh for up to three times longer than standard fridges.

Staying Connected

If your customer loves a bit of fancy tech like apps that control their thermostat, or door bell, they can now control their kitchen appliances from their phone too! The appliances in the Home Connect range from Bosch come with lots of handy features:
• Washing machine: on the Home Connect app, they can add details about the clothing in their wash, and it will automatically pick the right cycle.
• Fridge: with Home Connect, customers can check what’s in their fridge wherever they are – even from the supermarket. With handy cameras inside, images of the fridge are sent straight to their phone, so they won’t have to wonder what they have in to make dinner, or if they’re missing that key ingredient for a new recipe.
• Coffee machine: is your customer a bit of a coffee connoisseur? Then they’ll love the Home Connect Coffee Machine, where you can make almost 20 different drinks, just at the touch of a button!
• Oven: From their phone, your customer can instantly turn on the oven or can set a specific time, and can even set and check the temperature. This proves extremely useful for customers who have mobility issues.

All of these features can be accessed through voice control when you connect Home Connect with your Amazon Alexa device! Simply tell your oven to start heating up while your preparing food, or tell it to immediately stop if you have your hands full.

To find out more about new tech in kitchen appliances, head to the Jewson Kitchens website.