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Handmade (Bricks) With Love

If you’re a regular reader of this lovely blog (of course you are! It’s a font of knowledge) you’ll know all about the varieties of bricks used across the UK. Whether it’s the yellow stocks of London, buff bricks around the east of England, or the orange and reds in the Midlands and the North. Within a couple of miles, you can see the colour, size and finish change. Ignore these traditions and you could hit a brick wall (sorry, we had to) with regulations.


This does of course mean a little more research will be needed, especially when it comes to restoration projects or older renovations. The age and style of a property needs to be considered in addition to the basics of aligning the size, cut and colour.

We asked our mates over at Imperial Bricks about how to find the right brick for these unique projects.


The trouble with getting old

If you’re extending or repairing an existing building, the choice of brick can make or break your project. To achieve that period look it’s worth looking into reclaimed bricks. Chosen well, they are guaranteed to fit the look of the building perfectly while helping to retain its historic features, but there are downsides.

Planning and conservation officers may love reclaimed bricks, but there are two factors to consider. Firstly, with any reclaimed product the quality can’t be guaranteed. Reclaimed bricks can struggle to protect against common issues such as frost or damp meaning you may find it hard to pass modern planning regulations.

Secondly, with anything bespoke they can be hard to find and if they come from even slightly outside the area you’re working in, they might not match perfectly. On top of that, due to their value, you’ll need to invest in additional security measures to prevent theft.


Out with the old and in with the new

Taking all of that into consideration, handmade bricks can be a much more viable alternative. They are suitable for all projects, renovation or new builds requiring a more traditional character.

They have the authentic look and texture of traditional brickwork without the stress that can come with reclaimed bricks. Forget shopping around, they can be made in exactly the right colour and size according to your project specifications.

At Imperial Bricks we can produce any colour or finish, working from photographs or visiting the site with sample boards so you can choose the best match. This service is also ideal when looking to match bricks for a residential extension, to ensure a seamless blend from existing to new.

Imperial Bricks supplies Jewson with stock of 50+ regionally-matched, traditional handmade, waterstruck, wirecut and pressed bricks, and can also provide bespoke blends where needed. All bricks are also available as slips, to use internally or externally as cladding.


To find out more about Imperial Bricks, including ordering free samples, you can head to your nearest Jewson branch or find the range on our website here.