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Updates to the Eco+ Scheme – what you need to know about the Great British Insulation Scheme

In February, we shared information about the Eco+ Scheme and how it could help you to support your customers to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

The scheme was set to launch in April 2023, but at the end of March the government made a series of announcements to revamp its energy efficiency strategy and provide homeowners with new information on how they can improve their property’s carbon footprint.

Introducing the Great British Insulation Scheme

What was the Eco+ Scheme has now become part of the Great British Insulation Scheme, which will launch later this summer.

Many of the original principles of Eco+ have now become part of the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS): it’s designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes in England, Wales and Scotland with low EPC ratings located in lower Council Tax band areas. To qualify for the GBIS, people must live in a property with an EPC rating of D or lower. In England, the home must fall within Council Tax bands A-D, while in Scotland it’s Council Tax bands A-E, and Wales A-C. People who qualify for the scheme within these parameters, and who are also in receipt of means-tested benefits, will receive additional support.

The government says the GBIS will support an additional 300,000 homes to benefit from funding to insulate their homes.

What energy home improvements will the Great British Insulation scheme cover?

GBIS funding for properties will be mainly focused on installing insulation, such as loft, roof, solid floor, cavity wall, and external or internal solid wall. People will be able to apply for grants through their energy providers, and some of the big energy companies have already been allowing customers to register their interest, with potential energy savings of hundreds of pounds a year.

As well as the GBIS, the government announced a £30m Heat Pump Investment Accelerator and Boiler Upgrade Scheme; the removal of levies on electricity bills to make them cheaper; an investment of more than £380m to increase EV charging points and plans to generate alternative energy source including hydrogen and nuclear.

As the government’s energy efficiency strategy continues to evolve, we’ll continue to support you to create more comfortable, sustainable homes for your customers. Our Making Better Homes range features the latest innovations in building products and systems, including solar panels, air source heat pumps, ventilation systems and sedum roofs, to help you maximise quality, productivity and profit during energy efficient home improvements. Ventilation is an important factor to consider when upgrading the insulation in a property and services like Build Aviator are available so you can ensure the correct ventilation is installed alongside various types of insulation.