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Get your Green Deal advisor course at Greenworks!

Great news from the Greenworks Training Academy! They’ve become the first training facility in the builders’ merchant industry to run the new Green Deal Advisor (GDA) Domestic course. It’s only open to candidates who are already certified Domestic Energy Assessors, but the qualification allows you to carry out a Green Deal qualifying assessment and produce a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR).

Once completed, the course lets you provide customers with information on the principles, financing and operation of the Green Deal; to undertake Green Deal EPCs, occupancy assessments and to prepare and issue domestic Green Deal Advice Reports (GDARs).

Dale Hillery an independent Domestic Energy Assessor attended the course and said: “We were the first group to complete this course and it met all my expectations. The trainer was very impressive and the Greenworks Academy was really good as it had a lot of the energy efficient products on show, which was very helpful.”

If you’re interested in this course or any of the other training courses at the Greenworks Training Academy visit: www.greenworks.co.uk or ask at your local Jewson branch!