Alex Chenneck Unique Renovation
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From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes…

We are pleased to announce that artist Alex Chinneck, has completed his unique renovation in just 4 weeks!

The build took place in September, in the small seaside town of Margate. We supplied timber from our Deal branch to support the unique renovation.

Alex has successfully created a house to deliberately look as if the front has slid away from its original location. Not forgetting the real windows, door, and bending drainpipes, all used to finish off this incomparable build.

The renovation seeks to challenge the everyday view of house building, with the accustomed red brick used in a way to surprise and amaze all passers-by. If you would like to witness this extraordinary build for yourself, Alex has organised a press event on 11th October to celebrate his new work in Margate. For further information please contact