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FlowFix Paves The Way For Better Landscaping

Your customers have had lots of time to reflect on how their homes and gardens look over the last year. Probably much more than they would like! The various lockdowns and restrictions on things like travel also mean that more of them will now have that extra bit of disposable income they need to carry-out the home improvement or landscaping work they’ve been thinking about.

With outside jobs top of their list at the moment, we’ve seen a big increase in people taking on paving jobs. Rather than always going for a traditional mortar on, what about using products that reduce the hassle for you? Here, the team at Everbuild talk us through their SikaCeram® FlowFix jointing compound – an alternative to cement-based mortar for Porcelain and Ceramic tiles – and how it can really add value to these types of projects.

What’s the difference?

One of the biggest pitfalls that comes with mixing cement-based mortar, is having to make sure you get your ratios exactly right, every time. Consistency is key, and if it’s off, you run the risk of the jointing failing, which is likely to mean an unhappy customer and an awkward trip back to the site in the future.

When working on a paving job, product such as SikaCeram® FlowFix is a great alternative to cement-based mortar as it’s renowned for its consistency. It comes ready to be mixed with water on-site, creating a flowable consistency that’s easy to pour. It’s also a really fast-setting solution, taking as little as 30 minutes, depending on site conditions. Once it’s cured it gives a non-permeable finish, unlike cement-based mortars which are known to fail once water seeps in.

As well as being quick to set and easy to mix, SikaCeram® FlowFix is also a lot more durable than your standard mortar, with a very high bond strength. As it can take heavy loads, it’s the perfect solution for driveway jobs.

You can use SikaCeram® FlowFix with both porcelain or ceramic paving, but just make sure the joints are 3-10mm wide and at least 20mm deep.

What’s the installation process?

Installing the SikaCeram® FlowFix jointing compound is straight forward and can be done in just a few steps:
1. Mix with water – a water level of between 3 – 3.4ltrs should do it, until you get a pourable consistency
2. Pour the mixture along the joints, and it will quickly find its own level
3. Once poured, take a squeegee and drag the excess across the surface to ensure enough has filled the joints
4. Leave to set for around half an hour, or until sufficiently set
5. Use a sponge to wipe away any excess and you’re done!

This new solution in jointing is definitely the way forward for Porcelain and Ceramic paving projects. If you’re looking for a compound that will stand the test of time, give you consistent results, and impress your customers, then visit the Jewson and Everbuild websites and search for ‘FlowFix’.